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Welcome to the Zoning Division of the Planning and Development Department.

The zoning of a property is a designation that specifies how a piece of property can be used within a city. Zoning districts are created to attract certain types of development such as single-family homes, offices, neighborhood business, general industry and institutions, such as schools and hospitals. The City of Mount Holly zoning functions are divided into three distinct areas of responsibility:

Zoning Compliance Permits & Inspections

For Zoning Inquiries

Conducts Zoning Inspections of Residential and Commercial Construction, issues Zoning Compliance Permits for new businesses, residential and commercial construction and signs, Provides zoning verification letters and enforces the City's Zoning Ordinance.

The City of Mount Holly issues a Zoning Compliance Permit, which serves as a prerequisite for obtaining a Building Permit through the Gaston County Building Inspection Department. For existing structures, both residential and commercial, where renovations to the interior or exterior are planned then an application must be filled out and submitted. For home renovations, the Residential Zoning Permit Application should be filled out completely, and for business renovations, the Commercial Zoning Permit Application should be filled out completely. These forms with additional documentation as needed based on the project should be submitted to Zoning staff at the Municipal Complex, located at 400 E. Central Avenue (2nd Floor). Once you receive a Zoning Permit based on the renovations, then you may contact Gaston County for obtaining a Building Permit.

All inquiries regarding what is needed to obtain a Building Permit, Electrical Permit and/or Mechanical Permit for new construction, remodeling/renovation projects, and Certificates of Occupancy (C.O.) from Gaston County should be directed to the Building Inspections Department at 128 W Main Ave., Gastonia, NC or by calling the following numbers: (704) 866-3960, (704) 866-3045 or (704) 866-3155.

The City does require businesses to be registered with the City before they may operate by a one-time application and fee. They City would issue a Zoning Permit for the business at a specific location instead of a Business License. If you are planning on opening a new business inside the City limits or Zoning Jurisdiction (ETJ) of Mount Holly, the Zoning Compliance and Business Registration Application must be completed and signed by the Fire Inspector, the FOG Program Coordinator and Cross Connection Coordinator with the Public Utilities Dept, prior to submitting the application to Zoning staff.

Applications can be submitted at the Municipal Complex, located at 400 E. Central Avenue (2nd Floor). For more information please visit the Business License & Permits page. Payments will be due at the time Zoning Permit is issued and ready to be picked up.

Additionally, Gaston County Environmental Health Specialists in the Food and Lodging program issue permits to and monitor area eating establishments, including restaurants, cafeterias and mobile food units. The program also permits and inspects hotels and other temporary lodging facilities, child care centers, nursing homes, tattoo artists, meat markets and public swimming pools. Staff also works with contractors and owners of restaurants that are under construction to ensure that floor plans, equipment, construction materials, lighting and plumbing all meet public health regulations. More information on the types of uses that require a permit from the Food and Lodging program can be found here.

New Residential and Commercial Projects

Coordinates site plan reviews of new residential and commercial construction with the City Site Inspector, Engineer, and Subdivision Administrator through a Technical Review Committee. Subdivision and land development is regulated by the Zoning Ordinance, Downtown Development Manual, Land Development Guidelines, and Subdivision Ordinance