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The Administration Department of the City of Mount Holly is responsible for the coordination and oversight of all City-delivered services. In that role one of the key functions is to provide support to the City Council as they set policy and direction for the City.

The goal of the Administration Department is to provide citizens and visitors to the City quality customer service and cost effective, innovative problem solving. We strive to be proficient, professional and cordial in the delivery of this service while always keeping in mind that customer satisfaction is a key indicator of success in achieving our goals.

The Administration Department is housed in the Mount Holly Municipal Complex, which is located at 400 East Central Avenue, Mount Holly, NC. The employees carry individual job titles designed to reflect the duties of their positions, but in reality their greatest contribution to the organization is to act as our primary customer relations experts. Administration staff members perform both lead and support functions that focus on the overall operation of the City.

Examples of this division's major daily functions include the following:
  • Advises the City Council on policy development and implementation
  • Provides direction in and coordinates the delivery of daily services – resolves issues affecting the delivery of those services
  • Performs overall financial management, record-keeping and budgeting functions of the City
  • Administers personnel operations for the entire organization
  • Reviews and monitors legislative activity at the federal and state level to determine applicability and effect on the City
  • Bills and collects taxes and fees for utility services
  • Maintains all City facilities
  • Administers the City's information technology needs.
  • Develops/maintains cooperative intergovernmental and community relationships

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Miles Braswell

Assistant City Manager
Phone (704) 827-3931

Africa Otis

Finance Director
Phone (704) 951-3002
Fax (704) 822-2933

David E. Johnson, PE

City Engineer, Public Utilities Director
Phone (704) 951-0074
Mobile (704) 458-1309

Katie Holland

Accountant I
Phone (704) 951-3010

Danny Jackson

City Manager
Phone (704) 827-3931

Tara Douglas

Office Administrator/Deputy City Clerk
Phone 704-822-2938

Don Petty

Utility Billing/Revenue Collection
Phone (704) 951-3007
Fax (704) 822-2933

Marvenia York

Utility Billing/Revenue Collection
Phone (704) 951-3008
Fax (704) 822-2933

Susan Allen

Human Resources Director
Phone (704) 951-3003
Fax (704) 951-3059

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