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Field Operations

utilities-guys-fixing-flow-issue24-Hour On-Call Number: (980) 522-0202

Field Operations employees are responsible for the maintenance, installation, and repair of approximately 250 miles of public water and sewer line. Our water distribution system is made up of a water treatment plant, 725 hydrants, 5 water tanks, and 3 booster stations. Our sewer collection system has a wastewater treatment plant, 14 lift stations, and 2,600 manholes. Maintenance includes inspections of the sewer system for blockages to safeguard The City against overflows. They are also responsible for the installation and maintenance of water and sewer laterals. Field Operations also have measures in place to ensure hydrants and valves are working properly.

sharp logoThis division of The Utilities Deptartment received the OSHA SHARP safety award in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. SHARP (Public Sector) is a program that recognizes certain categories of public sector employers who have developed and maintained effective safety and health programs. Current categories include: school maintenance, public works, sheriff and police, public utilities, fire, EMS, and parks and recreation.

Ronnie Hale
Field Service Division Manager
Phone: 980-310-1147

Public Works Administration
218 Adrian Street
Mount Holly, NC 28120
(704) 827-9726
24-Hour On-Call Number: (980) 522-0202

"Is this an emergency?"
The following conditions are considered an emergency. Please call (980) 522-0202 when: 

  • Raw sewage is backing up onto your property or into the gutter. 

  • Your street is flooded due to clogged storm drains. 

  • A water pipe is broken and water is running out into the street. 

  • Paint, oil, swimming pool water, or other types of hazardous waste are being dumped or washed into the gutter or storm drain. 

  • A manhole cover is missing or not sitting correctly on the opening. 

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If your sewer system becomes clogged or backs up, the problem may not be in the sewer line at your home or business. Before you call a plumber, please call our service center. Our service people will gladly come out to determine the location of the problem and clear any clogs beyond the owner's connection point. This could save costly and unnecessary plumbing repairs. Our response time to your call is generally within an hour. If the problem is in a mainline, the service person will call for a Jetvac machine to open and clean the line. If repairs to city lines are needed, we have construction crews to handle the problem. 

Dirty Water
When there is an interruption in the water delivery system or a large usage situation, sediment in the water lines can cause dirty water. Flushing of the water mains and household lines should clear the problem up in a short period of time. Be sure to check all fixtures that have screens that may have become clogged.

G:\My Drive\Website changes\Field Operations\imagejpeg_0(12).jpgWater Line Pressure
The city maintains the water distribution system and is required to deliver a minimum of 30 pounds per square inch of water pressure under normal circumstances. If a residence is experiencing low water pressure, the city will test the line pressure at the water meter. If the pressure test is at 30 PSI or above the residential lines will need to be checked by a private plumber. 

Stormwater Flooding
The City of Mount Holly maintains ditches and stormwater devices located along city streets and city property. The State of North Carolina maintains ditches and stormwater devices located along state-maintained roads.

 For problems with Stormwater call (704)813-0251 Monday – Friday 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., or 24 hours a day at Mount Holly Utilities On-Call Service at (980)522-0202.

G:\My Drive\Website changes\Field Operations\imagejpeg_0(14).jpgStormwater Erosion
Erosion is a natural occurrence when large amounts of water runoff occur in a concentrated area over a period of time. It is not illegal for rainwater to run from one property to another, if the water is causing erosion on the property then it is the property owner’s responsibility to take action to prevent erosion.

Blocked Storm Drain / Pipe
If a Storm Drain or Drainage Pipe is along the City’s right of way and becomes blocked with dirt or other packed material the city will remove the blockage and clean out the pipe. It is the property owner’s responsibility to keep loose trash, leaves, and grass out of the ditch line. 

Right of Way
Right of Way is a section of property that follows the roadway on which the property owner cannot place any permanent structures. It is used to allow utilities access to underground assets, right of ways are normally 15 feet from the center of the roadway although some varied in length. 

An Easement is a portion of property that the property owner cannot build any permanent structures on that restricts the utilities access to underground assets such as water and sewer mains. An easement can be permanent or temporary for construction purpose.

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