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Welcome to Mount Holly Special Events!


Special Events Application Timeline & Process

The Special Events Team (SET) hears all event applications within the City. The timeline below outlines the minimum requirements for Special Event Application approvals.

The Special Events Policy
Read the Special Events policy here for full details. 

What is a special event? How do I need to know if I should submit an application?
A special event is defined as a pre-planned event, which is proposed to be held on public property, including but not limited to parks, streets, and/or sidewalks. All special events require approval by the City of Mount Holly. This Policy does not pertain to City-sponsored special events such as the Christmas Parade or private facility rentals such as the Grand Hall, Community Center, or park shelters.

Categories of Special Events:
  • Park and/or Road Festival means an organized neighborhood or public gathering on a public right-of-way (street, sidewalk, parking lot or alley) or public park (ex. Veterans Park, Tuckaseege Park, River Street Park, etc.) on a specified date at a specific time, and confined to a designated area that may or may not require an admission fee to enter and participate.
  • Procession/parade means a public or private march, run, walk, parade of any kind, or other gatherings of persons that occurs upon public right-of-way, park, or both in an area used for vehicular traffic.
  • Organized Competitive Event means any planned race, walk, derby, or event that involves a contest of skill and/or strength and takes place upon a public right-of-way or park.
  • Co-Sponsored Event receiving in-kind services from the City as outlined in this policy including usage of City logo and marketing support. To receive this event status, a cosponsorship application must be submitted by a recognized organization (see list below) and approved by the City of Mount Holly Special Events Team.
  • Public Benefit/Interest means that an event promotes the health, safety, and general welfare of the City of Mount Holly.
  • Community Impact is the desired end result of multiple strategically designed funding and intervention efforts to improve the well-being of children, youth, and families, or to put it in other words, a social return on investment
  • Significant Street Closure is the temporary closing or obstruction of all or a portion of any street or other public right-of-way. This closure will substantially hinder or prevent the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic along any street or other public right-of-way

Step One: Pre-Submittal Meeting
Prior to submitting an application for a special event, the applicant must schedule a meeting with the Special Events Team within 90 days of the scheduled event. Applicants shall present a draft of the Special Event Application, Special Event site plan, and other documentation necessary for appropriate review by staff at this meeting. Review the Special Events Policy for full details.

Step Two: Consideration of Co-Sponsorship
At the Pre-submittal meeting, applicants will make known their requests for co-sponsorship and street and/or park closures within 90 days prior to the proposed event date. An applicant may request the City of Mount Holly to co-sponsor an event, such as a community festival, cultural entertainment, parades, or other types of events that may take place in the city streets and/or parks.

The Special Events Team will review the following criteria to evaluate a co-sponsorship. For an event to qualify, the applicant is or will be partnered with a recognized organization approved by the City. The recognized organization will need to be listed on the application. Eligible groups in the City limits of Mount Holly are listed in the Special Events Policy.

NOTE: The Special Events Team will review the co-sponsorship request as part of the application submission. Denial of co-sponsorship does not necessarily mean that the Special Event Application will be denied.

If the event is approved as a co-sponsored event by the City of Mount Holly additional rules and regulations will apply and are outlined in the policy, including that all event promotional materials (including flyers, signage, social media posts, etc.) must be approved before going to print or being distributed to the public. These materials should be submitted with the Special Events Application and referenced in the Marketing portion of the application. 

Step Three: Completing and Submitting Your Application (minimum of 60 calendar days prior to the proposed event)

Within a minimum of 60 calendar days prior to the proposed event, the applicant is required to submit a completed Special Event Application.

This application will not be accepted unless the pre-submittal meeting was conducted within the 90 calendar-day window.

Completion of the application and payment of the fees DOES NOT guarantee approval of the proposed event.

If the application and supporting documents are insufficient, then the application will be returned to the applicant by the Special Events Team. This could
result in delays by the applicant, which prevent approval of the special event.

Application fees shall be paid at the time the application is submitted as outlined in the adopted Fee Schedule. The Special Event Application Fee is
mandatory for all applications, even if approved for co-sponsorship. If the event is approved as a co-sponsored event, then other Special Event Fees may be waived.

Access the Special Events application here. 

  • This application is not for Spring Fest. Please visit the Spring Fest page for full details. 
  • This form is designed to cover a wide variety of special events, so some sections may not apply to your particular event. Skip these sections or indicate "N/A" for not applicable.
  • Maps and other attachments emailed will be accepted in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format.

Special Events Survey Results
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