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Police Services

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The Department provides patrol services to the city through four (4) patrol squads. Each squad is led by a Sergeant. Patrol officers are assigned to a geographic patrol zone. This provides consistent services to that individual area, and allows community members to know their officers and form partnerships to solve issues.

Access our Traffic Stop Guide here


The Investigations Division is commanded by Deputy Chief Brian Reagan and comprises the Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) and the Special Investigations Unit (SIU).

Strategic Operations Commander: Deputy Chief Brian Reagan

Office: 704-951-3047

Criminal Investigations Unit

The Criminal Investigations Unit is composed of a Sergeant, and two criminal investigators. This unit is responsible for the investigation of major felony offenses, selected misdemeanors, missing persons, deaths, and offenses involving juveniles.

Criminal Investigations - Sergeant Jerry Arthurs 

Office: 704-951-3041

Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit conducts investigations that focus on the sale and possession of illegal drugs, gambling, illegal alcohol sales, and prostitution. The SIU also partners with other local, State, and Federal agencies to enable them to effectively pursue narcotic violations that directly impact the city of Mount Holly.

Special Investigations: Barry Crisp 



The Police Department has partnered with the Gaston County School system to establish a school resource officer for Mount Holly Middle School. The cost of the position is shared. This officer is assigned to the Middle School and makes visits to the three elementary schools within the city on a regular basis.


The records unit provides copies of reports filed with the Department. This includes motor vehicle crash reports and crime (incident) reports. In addition, this unit ensures that all reports are filed with the appropriate State agency and Federal agency. Records Management personnel serve as the first point of contact for anyone entering our facility during normal business hours.

The Mount Holly Records Division is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm with closing between 12pm to 1pm for lunch. There are various ways for the public to obtain a copy of a report. You may pick up a copy in person during normal business hours, or we will email or fax your copy to you. There is no charge for a copy of a report. Reports are usually ready for the public to obtain after 3 to 5 business days.


Mount Holly is fortunate to operate a public safety answering point (PSAP). A Mount Holly police dispatcher answers all 9-1-1 calls originating within Mount Holly.  This communications group has direct contact with all Mount Holly police units. In addition, the unit can transfer any other type of call for service to the appropriate communications center within the area.

The Mount Holly Police Department Communications Center serves as one of only two primary public safety answering points (PSAP) in Gaston County. It provides Enhanced 9-1-1 services solely to the citizens of Mount Holly. 9-1-1 should be used for emergencies only. An emergency is when IMMEDIATE Police, Fire, or Ambulance assistance is necessary.

When you call 9-1-1, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Location of your emergency
  • Type of emergency
  • Your name
  • Your phone number

Stay calm and also be prepared to answer further questions concerning your emergency.

For NON-EMERGENCIES and general questions or requests, please call (704) 827-4343.

Read the Alarm ordinance here


The Community Services division of the Mount Holly Police Department is responsible for the delivery of Crime Prevention programs to individuals and groups within the City. These programs include a variety of community education programs and services that help inform citizens of ways to stay safe and help prevent crime. If you or your organization are interested in these programs or are interested in developing a program or watch group, please call the Community Services division at 704-822-2922.

All units within the Department share responsibility with this service. The Community services sergeant manages all of the programs. Each year the Department participates in children's programs at Springfest. The program also offers the following activities:

Children's reading program

National Night Out

Community Watch Programs

Community Watch programs are set up by Community Services Sergeant. Community Services provides support with brochures.

Access the Special Activities Permit here.


This unit conducts various law enforcement activities including special investigations, surveillance operations, crime analysis and assessments, community policing, etc. Problem-oriented policing places a high value on new responses that are preventive in nature, that are not dependent on the use of the criminal justice system, and that engage other public agencies, the community, and the private sector when their involvement has the potential for significantly contributing to the reduction of the problem. Problem-oriented policing carries a commitment to implementing the new strategies, rigorously evaluating their effectiveness, and subsequently reporting the results in ways that will benefit other police agencies.


The Department maintains a reserve officer program. This is a volunteer-based program for certified officers. This group is often called upon to fill in and assist with citywide projects such as Springfest. These officers hold the same certification as full time officers.


The Administration Sergeant is responsible for the recruitment of applicants for vacancies within the department. In addition, The Mount Holly Police Department offers a sponsorship program for those interested in attending Basic Law Enforcement Training.  The selection process for those interested in being sponsored by the police department follows strict guidelines, and selectees are expected to adhere to a high level of professionalism and conduct.  Anyone interested in seeking a sponsorship should contact the Administrative Sergeant a minimum of 60 day prior to the start of BLET.


The Mount Holly Police Department K9 Unit was established in 2001 and currently consists of two canine teams. These service dog teams assist officers and detectives with their daily duties. These teams can conduct building searches, track fleeing suspects, search for evidence, and detect narcotics more effectively and with increased safety.


The Evidence Intake area is where all evidence is stored and processed. Evidence is packaged and prepared for the officer to take to court. Evidence is also prepared to take to the lab to be processed if needed.

If you have an item that has been lost or stolen, please contact the Police Department to determine if it has been stored in the evidence room.

Evidence Technician: Ann Burton

Contact Number: 704-827-4343