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Strategic Vision Plan

Mount Holly, North Carolina has a demonstrated track record of fostering a vision for the future that reflects the values of the community. 

The 2008 Strategic Vision Plan outlined a vision, values, and goals that have been integrated into every facet of the community for the past decade. The 2018 Strategic Vision Plan update endeavors to respect the vision, values, and goals from 2008 with an eye for the future of this historic and dynamic community.

This plan is designed to build on the hard work of the City of Mount Holly, partner stakeholders, and the citizens of the community to chart a course for the next ten years. It combines the thoughtful input of hundreds of community citizens who participated in stakeholder meetings, public sessions, individual interviews, as well as an online survey. 

The History...
The 2008 Strategic Vision Plan laid an important foundation by incorporating the five main goals chosen by citizens during the 2003 Vision Process, those goals being

  • Great Main Street and Town Center;
  • Greenways and Green Connections;
  • the Linear Park Downtown Connector Trail;
  • a Waterfront Restaurant with Docks;
  • and a Museum and Event Space 

However, the 2008 Vision Plan built upon the five areas of focus from 2003, by recommending 68 implementation plan goals.  The City and its partners accomplished 52 of these goals.  Other goals needed to be revisited, for example, due to changes in transportation plans or due to a community organization taking up a particular project. 

One can read more about these and other past implementation plan goals on Page 12 and 13 and in Appendix A of the 2018 Strategic Vision Plan.  Since the 2008 Vision Plan has been updated, it is no longer used as a basis for planning and land use considerations.  If you would like to have a digital copy of the 2008 Strategic Vision Plan for reference, please email

2018 SVP Cover PageRead the 2018 Strategic Vision Plan:
1.0 Market Analysis Synopsis
2.0 Connectivity & Transportation
3.0 Downtown Area Plan
4.0 Gateway District
5.0 Woods & Water District
6.0 Placemaking, Arts, and a Healthy Community
7.0 Policies, Marketing & Organization
8.0 Implementation Strategy & Action Plan
Appendix A - Accomplishments
Appendix B - Market Study
Appendix C - Survey Results

Read the 2008 Strategic Vision Plan
Phase 1 - Strategic Vision Plan
Phase 2 - Market Study
Phase 2.1 - Annexation Policies
Phase 3.1 - Small Area Plan for South Gateway
Phase 3.2 - Small Area Plan for Downtown Riverfront
Phase 4 - Design Guidelines for Voluntary Residential Annexation
Phase 4.1 - Design Guidelines for South Gateway
Phase 4.2 - Design Guidelines for Downtown Riverfront
Phase 5 - Implementation Plan