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Mount Holly Project Overview

Completed Projects

coca cola mural completed Coca Cola Mural: Downtown Mount Holly
Location: 123 N. Main Street, Mount Holly
Purpose: Restore former mural
History/Description: At the City Council Annual Retreat on February 26th, Mayor Bryan Hough and City Council came to a unanimous decision, in directing City staff to look at funding, this fiscal year, for the Coca-Cola mural restoration project.  The original mural was located on the side of the Nails by Helly building at 123 North Main Street.   It is important to note that this mural has some history to it, as the project was something that intrigued the previous building owners.   In early 2016, the Eden Group, composed of Preston Wilson (William Henry Salon and Spa) and Jon Bradley, owned the building along North Main.  During this time, they were doing renovation work for a new roof for the since-shuttered Jacqueline’s Boutique.  They uncovered an old Coke advertisement for Rhyne’s Grocery when removing the plaster wall tied to the roof.  As a result, City staff started an inquiry and an investigation into funding for the Coke mural restoration through a partnership with Coco-Cola Consolidated Bottling Company in Charlotte.  After years of combined efforts, we found that Coke Consolidated management was not too keen on doing the legwork and funding the mural restoration, as we had no cost estimate, no idea what the mural looked like originally and no path forward to hire a qualified artist to restore it.  The Eden Group subsequently sold the two buildings to Helly Krajan for her nail salon and Barbie’s Encore Dance; it was painted over during renovation work With the sale of the building, the pursuit of the Coke mural restoration was put on hold. 
coca colal mural historic photo
Years later, Boyce McKinney, having recently completed the mural at the Community Garden, was really fascinated by the story and background when he and former-mayor Bobby Black spoke.  Mr. McKinney asked Greg Beal, Planning & Development Director for the City, for some background, and then he really dived into the research component that was needed.  He learned that the mural with the slogan "it's the real thing" was not introduced in Coca-Cola's marketing plan until the late 60's, 68 or 69.  Perhaps this mural is not as old as we had thought, but it does have some history in Mount Holly.  Research also pointed to a mention of an Ice and Penguin mural next to the Coca-Cola mural. The City has allocated $10,000 toward the restoration of the Coca-Cola mural this fiscal year and would like to have it completed by mid-June 2021.  The City will commit to ensuring that the mural remains in good condition throughout its life.  Building owners, Helly Krajan and her husband, Soai U. Dagout, have fully supported the Coca-Cola mural restoration, and they have approved the needed easement agreement to make this project a reality.  
Mountain Bike Trails at Mountain Island Dam
Location: 400 Mountain Island Road, Mount Holly
This park located right below the dam is home to a 1.6-mile natural surface walking trail.  The park also has almost 2 miles of mountain bike trails. Mountain Island Park at Mount Holly also includes an accessible fishing pier, a natural canoe/kayak launch area, playground, and group primitive campsites.
Description: Two miles of fun and exciting mountain bike trails are featured at Mountain Island Park.  The mountain bike trails were built and are maintained by the Tarheel Trailblazers. The trail has many curves and jumps and is sure to be enjoyed by mountain bikers of all levels. See map here.
An agreement between the City and the Tarheel Trailblazers has been in place since 2018.  This agreement has allowed the non-profit group to build and maintain over 3-miles of trails with more miles planned.  This is becoming a destination drawing visitors from across the region.

Dutchman's Creek Greenway Section
The City of Mount Holly opened this section of greenway on May 15, 2021.  The Dutchman’s Creek section goes from Hwy. 27 into picturesque River Street Park.  The 6/10 mile trail meanders along Dutchman’s Creek.   The trail has both a paved and gravel surface section, and is open to walkers and bicycle riders. River Street Park is home to picnic shelters, sand volleyball court, outdoor basketball court, playground, fishing pier, 9 hole disc golf course, and natural canoe /kayak access point.

National Trails Dayi
National Trails Day is celebrated in June.  This local celebration of trails is hosted by the Carolina Thread Trail and the City of Mount Holly.  The free event includes live music, vendors, nature hikes, kayak, stand-up paddleboard and bike rentals, and yoga.  The event usually draws a great crowd of over 1,000 people to enjoy the outdoors.

North Main Parking Lot

Arts on the Greenway Facility

Location: 500 E. Central Avenue, Mount Holly
In October 2018, the City partnered with the Arts on the Greenway to lease the City-owned building as the headquarters for the non-profit organization. The group was located in Gastonia, but moved to the 10,000 square foot facility with a five-year lease. 

Deck/Pergola Construction 
Location: intersection of Hill Street and Central Avenue
In 2019, the improvement of the mill's former loading dock was converted into a landscaped patio area for visitors to enjoy.  This enhancement to the corner of the block meshes well with the greenway along the railroad corridor of Central Avenue.

PoliceMemorial_Bird's Eye (Day)Mount Holly Police Department Memorial Plaza 
The establishment of the Mount Holly Police Department Memorial Plaza is one significant way that our community can provide the visible support and encouragement our police officers need and deserve.

The Plaza will serve as a fitting location to honor Tyler Herndon, the fallen MHPD officer who lost his life in the line of duty in December 2020. It will also be a place that will celebrate the vital role that law enforcement professionals play in our community as well as recognizing the sacrifices they make to keep us safe. The Plaza will tell a story of service, commitment, sacrifice, community, and connection to community.

Plaza Features
Engraved Bricks: The bricks offer a way to allow community members to share in the story and become a lasting part of this important community location

Eternal Flame:
The eternal flame represents the service of those that came before us, of those that are currently serving, and those that will chose to make the commitment to serve future generations. It insures that we always remember this service, and that we will never forget the ultimate sacrifice paid on behalf of our community

Bronze Statues: These help to illustrate the connection we share with our community, and our gratitude to those that have served and made the ultimate sacrifice

Blue Lights: This acknowledges the support our community displayed to honor the ultimate sacrifice paid by our Officer when they proudly burned blue lights across the city in honor of Officer Herndon

Location of Officer Tyler Herndon's vehicle: This location was the focal point of an organic memorial that quickly became an important gathering place for reflection, support, and healing in the community

Connected to Greenway System: The Memorial Plaza will serve as a special place to stop and visit, reflect, and enjoy nature as visitors take advantage of the beautiful greenway in Mount Holly

Walking Distance of Historic Downtown District: The Plaza will hold significance as a meaningful location with a "sense of place" that will be a natural attraction for visitors of our downtown district

Alexander St / Catawba Ave. Underpass Painting Project
Location: adjacent to Lake Trail trailhead
The City is coordinating with the railroad to enhance the visibility of this underpass with fresh paint.  This will help guide visitors to the trailhead of the greenway.

NC 273 Road Improvements
This project is managed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), not the City of Mount Holly. Visit their website for full details.
A variety of project betterments (including mast poles and landscaping) and utilities relocation, are funded and managed by the City of Mount Holly

Current Projects
Arts Program
Public Arts Commission: The commission has been formed and held the first meeting in May 2021.  The goal of the group is to document and identify opportunities for public art throughout the City.  

River Park Greenway Connector
The City partnered with the housing developer of the River Park neighborhood to construct a paved greenway connection between River Park and Woodland Park.  This connection is considered a spur that will eventually connect into the greenway system along the Catawba River.

NC 273 Landscaping Project
Funding for phase 1 of the landscaping along the newly widened roadway is planned.  Phase 1 consists of landscaping the medians.

Future Projects

Carolina Thread Trail Signage Program
Status: To Be Constructed
The CTT and City are partnering to install trail signage throughout the City's greenway system.  This should begin in Spring/Summer 2022.

Belmont - Mount Holly Road sidewalk

Status: To Be Constructed
Since 2017, the city has been designing and obtaining easements to construct the sidewalk from Margarette Avenue to the Circle K Gas Station at Belmont Abbey College.  The goal is to begin construction as soon as 2022.

Lake Trail Parking Lot at Mountain Island
A new parking lot above the dam along Mountain Island Road is funded.  This gravel parking area will allow better access for visitors to trail along Mountain Island Lake and accommodate up to 130 spaces.