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Wipes Clog Pipes: Unintended Consequences of the Coronavirus

Health officials have been recommending that we all clean and sterilize hard surfaces that we frequently touch while at home. Most of us use disinfectant wipes, paper towels
or other products to clean hard surfaces. The “flushable wipes” as advertised by manufacturers can be flushed but are NOT biodegradable.

The disposal of disinfectant wipes in toilets may lead to a blockage in your house lateral. Without any doubt, these “flushable wipes” are clogging up the City’s sewer collection system and damaging the sewer pump station equipment. The City is taking measures to protect the sewer pumps and will respond as fast as possible to any blockage reported.

The Utilities Department is asking all citizens to heed this warning of possible sewer blockages due to the surge in the disposal of “flushable wipes” into the public sewer system.

Thank you!

City of Mount Holly Utilities Department