Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

Welcome to the Code Enforcement Division of the Planning and Development Department

The Code Enforcement Division enforces city-wide ordinances found in the City of Mount Holly Code of Laws. Responsibilities of the Code Enforcement Division include receiving complaints on properties, investigating said complaints to see if a violation is occurring, and in situations where a violation is present, enforcing the relevant code or ordinance to insure that corrective action is taken.

The following areas of the City Code are enforced by the Code Enforcement Division:

Minimum Housing

The City of Mount Holly has adopted minimum standards of maintenance for housing and property within the City limits. All housing must be maintained in a safe, sound and sanitary condition. Property owners are ultimately responsible for the maintenance of their properties. However, tenants are responsible for keeping their residence clean, sanitary and free of trash and debris. The City's Minimum Housing Ordinance, found in Chapter 9 of the City Code, also requires that occupied dwellings have all appropriate utilities connected. To file a Minimum Housing Code Complaint, one must complete the Minimum Housing Complaint Form, which requires five (5) individual signatures, acknowledging that a violation of the Code is occurring at a particular property.

Find Minimum Housing Code and Minimum Housing Complaint Form under "Related Documents" on the right of this page.

Public Nuisances / High Grass

In the event a property is found in violation of the Minimum Housing, Garbage, Refuse and Waste, Public Nuisance, or High Grass Ordinance, its owner is notified of the violation(s) and must take steps to bring the property into compliance. Failure to bring the property into compliance may result in fines and/or removal of the violation(s) at the owner's expense. If the City has to correct the violations through abatement procedures, a bill for services will be sent to the property owner. Failure to pay the bill will result in a lien being placed on the property and recorded at the Gaston County Register of Deeds Office. The City may demolish a substandard house, contract to have a high grass or weeded lot cut, or to have a public nuisance removed, upon proper notification having been sent to the property owner, which states the violation and date the violation must be corrected.

Find the Public Nuisance Code under "Related Documents" on the right of this page.

Abandoned, Nuisance and Junked Motor Vehicles

The Code Enforcement Division also enforces the City of Mount Holly's Abandoned, Nuisance and Junked Motor Vehicle Ordinance, found in Chapter 13, Article VI of the City Code. It requires that all vehicles be properly licensed and operable or stored in accordance with the Ordinance's guidelines, which are based on State Statutes. Vehicles, which are inoperable or not currently licensed, may be stored inside of an enclosed garage or storage building. One such vehicle may be stored in the rear yard of a residence, if it is covered with a City-approved cover, and the area around the vehicle is properly maintained. Failure to comply with this ordinance can result in the City removing the vehicle from the property.

Find Abandoned, Nuisance and Junked Motor Vehicles Code under "Related Documents" on the right of this page.

Animals and Livestock

The City of Mount Holly has adopted the provisions of the Gaston County Ordinance Regulating Dogs and Other Animals in Gaston County as an ordinance of the City of Mount Holly, found in Chapter 3, Animals, of the City Code. The Code authorizes the Gaston County Animal Shelter, its Superintendent and Animal Control Officers to enforce the provisions of that ordinance within the corporate limits of Mount Holly. All livestock located inside of the City limits must meet strict guidelines. No person shall keep or maintain any cows, horses, goats, sheep or fowl within five hundred (500) feet of any street or residence, other than the residence of the owner of such animal. No person shall keep any pigs or hogs within the corporate limits.

The Gaston County Department of Animal Control is located at 220 Leisure Lane, in Dallas, North Carolina.  One may contact them by telephone at 704-922-8677 or 704-922-8678 (8:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday).  For Emergency Calls or Other hours Calls, the Department may be reached at 704-866-3300.  For more information, please visit the Gaston County Animal Control website.

Find Animals and Livestock Code under "Related Documents" on the right of this page.

The following areas of the City Code are enforced by the Police Department:


The City of Mount Holly Police Department coordinates efforts, in regards to enforcing the abatement of graffiti on private property, in the City limits, including but not limited to structures, bridge construction, retaining walls, streets & sidewalks. It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove the graffiti on his or her property. Property owners are urged to remove the graffiti as quickly as possible to alleviate the negative effects of visual litter caused by these actions. All graffiti complaints should be coordinated through the Mount Holly Police Department, by calling 704-827-4343 or by emailing Captain Sisk at  

Find Graffiti Ordinance under "Related Documents" on the right of this page.

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