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Implementation Strategy and Action Plan (Chapter 8)

The "Implementation Strategy Table" summarizes all of the projects and recommendations included in the Strategic Vision Plan. The Table is a working document for benchmarking and ongoing evaluation of the implementation process. The strategy table summarizes all of the recommendations of the plan into one matrix for tracking progress.

The projects are divided into three time frames. The first series of projects are short-term projects that should begin in the coming two years 2018-2019. For the most part, these are simple projects that will be highly visible, have significant impact and should be completed within the first year after the plan is adopted. 

The second set of projects are medium-term projects, which should be completed within the second to fifth year of the plan. Some of these are more advanced projects while others are continuations of projects that began during the initial launch period.

The final series of projects are long-term or plan completion projects that may continue until 2028. While this category remains largely empty, many of the projects begun in the next steps phase will not be completed until later. Over time this category will continue to populate as priorities evolve. Each timeframe for the strategy board might also represent the ongoing fulfillment of
steps taken in earlier time frames.

The strategy matrix and its recommendations represent a "living document." As time goes by and implementation proceeds, some priorities will shift while other ones will arise. The implementation strategy matrix should be evaluated periodically, no less than annually (prior to the annual summit). This evaluation process will allow for finished tasks to be indicated on the matrix, for responsibilities to be shifted between parties, and for time frames to be adjusted for individual projects.

Each of the plan strategies and visions are outlined in the strategy board. It is important to remember the ultimate planning, development, and marketing strategies that each recommendation supports. Of course, each of these strategies is linked with one another, but failure to achieve any one goal does not negate the ability to achieve others.

Mount Holly has been aggressive and successful in its economic revitalization efforts for many years. The community is on the cusp of continued evolution while taking care to preserve its unique character. This plan represents the next horizon for a community that has a demonstrated track record of success, a community poised for an exciting future, and a community united behind a common vision.

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