Planning Department

Policies, Marketing, & Organization (Chapter 7)

One of the Core Values of the plan is continuing the legacy of visionary leadership in Mount Holly. City government, local institutions, regional partners, and the private sector have all worked together to implement nearly all of the recommendations in the 2008 Strategic Vision Plan. The difference in Mount Holly is notable and the community has come to expect consistent visionary
leadership that they can rely on as a key partner to see plans implemented. 

This section provides recommendations divided into three major areas:

  • Organizational recommendations designed to help the community nurture existing and form new partnerships to implement the plan – this is not a city-only plan and partnerships will be key to successful implementation.
  • Marketing recommendations that advance the implementation of the plan. Telling the story of the development opportunities available in the community is critical to its success. The majority of the investment illustrated in the plan will come from the private sector.
  • Policy recommendations that provide guidance to Mount Holly on annexations, design guidance, and zoning provisions. These recommendations are not designed to be a complete zoning ordinance review but rather establish some key guidance as policy relates to the plan.

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