Police Department

Police Department

If you have a police emergency Dial 911.

For NON-EMERGENCIES and general questions or requests, please call 704-827-4343.


Mission Statement

The Mount Holly Police Department is dedicated to excellence in policing, utilizing education, enforcement, and partnerships to reduce crime, create a safe environment, build trust, and enhance the quality of life in our community. We are committed to delivering quality service in an effective, responsive, and professional manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a position at the Police Department?

The Department requires a City Application and a State Application. Both forms can be obtained on the website or you can obtain a copy at the Police Department.

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How do I get sponsored for Basic Law Enforcement Training - BLET?

Anyone interested in seeking a sponsorship to attend BLET must first complete a full application to the Police Department. At a minimum a background investigation will be conducted to ensure the applicant meets the minimum state standards.

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Where can I pick up a police Report?

Contact Records Department at 704-827-4343 or come to the Police Department.

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If a citizen wants to hold a special event in town are there any special requirements?

Special Events require a permit. The permit application can be found on the Licenses and Permits section of this website or obtained at the City Offices at 400 East Central Ave., Mount Holly. In addition, any event that requires a street closing must be presented before City Council.

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Who handles complaints regarding animals?

The Gaston County is responsible for enforcing animal control statutes and ordinances. However, Mount Holly Police will respond to any calls of this nature. Depending on the issue you may be referred to Gaston County.

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Create a Support Ticket

Michelle Nichols

Executive Assistant
Phone 704-951-0068
Fax 704-951-3050

Don Roper

Chief of Police
Phone (704) 951-0068
Fax (704) 951-3050

Brian Reagan

Deputy Chief of Police
Phone (704) 951-0068
Fax (704) 951-3050

David Sisk

Captain/Field Services Commander
Phone (704) 951-0069
Fax (704) 827-2932

Jeff Skidmore

Sergeant - Charlie Team
Phone (704) 827-4343
Fax (704) 822-2932

Todd Calhoun

Sergeant - POP Unit
Phone (704) 822-2924
Fax (704) 822-2932

Austin Cox

Sergeant - Adam Team
Phone (704) 827-4343
Fax (704) 822-2932

Melinda Lail

Records Supervisor
Phone (704) 822-2923
Fax (704) 951-3050

Shannon Harris

Captain/Support Services Commander
Phone (704) 822-2949
Fax (704) 822-2932

Wes Monroe

Sergeant - Administration/Internal Affairs
Phone (704) 822-2937
Fax (704) 822-2932

Jerry Arthurs

Sergeant - Criminal Investigations Unit
Phone (704) 951-3041
Fax (704) 822-2932

Mark Walls

Sergeant - Baker Team
Phone (704) 827-4343
Fax (704) 822-2932

Derek Terry

Sergeant - Communications/ Community Services
Phone (704) 822-2922
Fax (704) 822-2932

Thomas Bell

Police - School Resource Officer
Phone (704) 836-9610

Darryl Barnes

Sergeant - David Team
Phone (704) 827-4343
Fax (704) 822-2932

Ann Burton

Evidence Technician
Phone 704-951-3053
Fax 704-822-2932

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