Public Utilities

Public Utilities

Utilities Field Operations

Water Distribution & Sewer Collection Systems

Mount Holly's Field Operations is responsible for the maintenance, installation and repair of public water distribution and public sewer line systems. The City of Mount Holly is also responsible for the installation and maintenance of water or sewer laterals which extend from the public lines to the water meter or sewer cleanout. Residents own and maintain the water or sewer lateral starting at the water meter or sewer cleanout to the home.

The water backflow cross connection control program is administered by the Utilities Department.

Home and business water flow meters are read on a monthly basis. Please review the City's Schedule of Fees for current water or sewer rates and other fees associated with water and sewer services.

24 Hour On Call Number is: 980-522-0202

David E. Johnson, PE

City Engineer, Public Utilities Director
Phone (704) 951-0074
Mobile (704) 458-1309

Robby Stewart

Public Utilities Division Manager, Field Operations
Phone (704) 951-0074

Ray Clemmer

Public Utilities Deputy Director
Phone (704) 951-0074

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