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What are a Right of Way and an Easement?

A Right of Way is a section of your yard that follows the roadway on which you cannot place any permanent structures. It is use to allow utilities such as water, sewer, telephone and gas to...

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What is the $2.50 I pay for stormwater used for?

The fee that you pay each month to Stormwater is collected to fund the Stormwater program to meet the States requirements. This does include some money to be used to repair the Municipal Storm Sewer System,...

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I have a ditch in my front yard along the road way that I would like to fill in, Can I do that?

The ditch in your front yard (along the right of way) is part of the cities stormwater system and is maintained by the city *see above* question. If you live on a state maintained road the...

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I have a Ditch, Creek or Stream on my property, who maintains it?

The city currently maintains all ditches located on the right of way of the city (this does not include grass mowing or trash removal). If the Ditch, Creek or Stream is located on private property it...

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The water from my neighbor’s yard is running into my yard and causing it to erode, what can the city do?

Erosion is a natural occurrence when large amounts of water runoff occur in a concentrated area over a period of time. It is not illegal for rain water to run from one property to another. If...

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Tarheel Trailblazer Workday on Mountain Island Lake Trails

Mountain Island Park at Mount Holly - Mountain Bike Trail Tarheel Traiblazer Workday Time: 9:00 to 1pm 6-1-19 Location: Mountain Island Park at Mount Holly Come on out and help us finish our new mountain bike...

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Friends of the Greenway Hike and Brew

Mount Holly FROGS (friends of the greenway) will be hosting a group hike at Mountain Island Park Trail (Mount Holly northern greenway) on Sunday, April 7. We are meeting behind Summit Beer Shop in downtown Mount Holly...

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Blood Drive at the Municipal Complex

There will be a Blood Drive on Wednesday, March 6th from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM at the Municipal Complex. To make your life-saving appointment, please call Susan Allen at (704) 827-3931 or via email at...

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